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Roseann Capanna-Hodge, Ed.D., LLC

Educational Psychologist

898 Ethan Allen Highway, Suite 6

Ridgefield, CT 06877

(203) 438-4848

  • Educational and psychological testing

  • Individualized education planning

  • School consultation

  • Faculty training

  • Parents workshops

Independent schools have a challenging role in addressing the educational needs of students with learning disabilities and attentional disorders, as well as unmotivated learners. Dr. Capanna-Hodge is expert at empowering faculty to work with different types of learners in an engaging and fun way. 

The following is a partial list of continuing educational programs Dr. Capanna-Hodge currently offers for faculty and/or parents:  

Thinking Outside the Box: An Action Plan for Differentiated Instruction 

This very popular workshop is an experiential, hands-on training for all educators and support staff in K to 8th grade. No theories here! Learn lots of fun and practical strategies to meet the needs of all learners.

Meeting the Needs of Special Needs Children and At-Risk Learners 

Learn how to distinguish between slow learners, at-risk learners, and the learning disabled. In addition, gain a better understanding of attention-related disorders and emotional issues that impact learning. Develop an action plan for modifications and accommodations for diverse learners. 

Incorporating Behavioral Management into Schools and Classrooms

Wish you could reduce referrals for behavioral problems at your school? Developing school wide behavioral management systems is not only ideal for teachers and students, it can also be simple! Learn about simple, effective behavioral management and how to implement a school wide or classroom behavioral program. 

1, 2, 3 Eyes on Me!:  Increasing Focus and On-Task Behavior in the Classroom

Helping children to focus and attend to information is the number one challenge teachers face in the classroom. This workshop will help teachers gain the tools and strategies to do just that. This workshop offers teachers traditional, new, and creative techniques. 

Help! What Do These Test Results Mean?
Integrating Diagnosis & Individualized Educational Planning in the Classroom

This workshop is a layman’s approach to making sense out of standardized testing. Learn how to interpret the most common cognitive and academic tests, as well as use this information to better monitor student progress.

Everyone Learns Differently: Celebrating Different Learning Styles 

Gain an understanding of the four different types of learners: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Tactile (VAKT). Learn how to identify the different types of learners through observation and assessment, as well as how meet the curriculum needs of VAKT learners.

Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, & Anxiety:
A School Professionals Guide to Differential Diagnosis

A workshop for school professionals that will help to understand and better define the similarities and differences between BPD and ADHD and relevant treatment implications. Gain valuable strategies to deal with those students with a diagnosis of BPD or have similar erratic mood swings, difficulty initiating tasks, or meltdowns due to noncompliance. Learn how to link home and school supports to improve academic and behavioral functioning.

The ADHD Parent Survival Guide 

The essential parent guide to not only understanding ADHD and its common pitfalls, but also what to do about it! Parents will gain insight into how to deal with negative home and school behaviors and address their many educational needs. Learn how to manage common ADHD issues from preschool to adulthood.

Take Control Parenting 101 

Having a hard time managing your brood? Well, who doesn’t! Learn techniques that will make parenting easier and more enjoyable for all. This action-oriented and practical workshop offers parents a positive reinforcement approach to parenting. 

How to be Your Child’s Best Advocate:
Making the Most of Your School’s Resources and Your Child’s Educational Rights

A workshop to help parents and professionals better understand the differences between Special Education and 504 Accommodation laws. Learn how to meet your child’s needs while both navigating the system and maintaining a positive relationship with the school.

Sit Down and Do Your Homework!” How To Help Your Child Succeed in School 

Figuring out why kids struggle with homework can be a challenge. This parent workshop not only looks at the underlying reasons why some kids are so “resistant” to homework, but how to make simple changes to make homework easier for all.

How Can I Help My Child Become a Better Reader? 

Learn the ins and outs of reading and why it is so important for children to be good readers.  Parents will gain fun strategies and techniques to help their children become successful readers.

Preschool Certification Four Part Series

  • Early Warning Signs of Language, Social, and Learning Issues

  • How to Help Parents Understand and Deal With Developmental Delays and Access Support

  • Hands-on Skills for Addressing Common Behavioral Issues

  • Determining Kindergarten Readiness

Please contact us for information regarding fees and availability for the upcoming school year.

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